The COVID-19 Resource Map

Understanding resource needs in real time

Healthcare workers need resources and we all need to understand what’s going on

The COVID-19 Pandemic is making demands on all aspects of our lives and is placing unprecedented pressure on our health care system. Traditional procurement and distribution channels are struggling to get new stock to hospitals to meet their escalating needs.

There is critical and immediate need for N95 masks and other personal protective equipment, testing kits, swabs to capture samples, life-saving ventilators and additional equipment. In an effort to understand what we’re up against, the C3 Lab at Northwestern University’s Department of Computer Science and a team at Rheaply are collaborating on two complementary applications: the Emergency Resource Exchange and this COVID-19 Resource Map.

This view blends anonymized and aggregated data from the ERx with publicly available data from other sources to provide a sense of the evolving state of the pandemic.

Sources: the real-time data from the ERx and, and daily updates from the NY Times Covid-19 Data Repository

The Sibling Platform: Need resources or able to provide them?

The Emergency Resource Exchange

ERx is a free platform designed to allow hospitals to share their needs with each other and with verified members of the community. The goal: support resource sharing in and across communities.

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A Call for Data: Working with the C3 Lab

In addition to our collaboration with Rheaply, the C3 Lab at Northwestern University is actively seeking additional data from alternative platforms that reflect resource needs across the country.

Please contact us at if you would be willing to share data with us.